Film Direction - everything from writing to filming, editing etc.

Creative Concept - is it a movie or a installation I can develop a creative concept based from product inspiration or brand aesthetic. You ask , I'll do it.

Film production coordination - film is my business , so is it about directing, writing, choosing cast or location, coordinating post production, visual effects or whatever, I do it every day. 

Digital marketing strategy - you have an idea but you are not really sure how to use it. I can help you out!



Digital media development - you have an idea and you know how to use it, but you don't know how to do it. I will.

Advertising campaign art direction - during the years i also started working with still images. So there you go, adv campaign!

Art concept development-  I can go from commercial stuff, to artistic jobs, and I'm good at it, at least this is what they say.

Scouting, trend research- I can found whatever talent suits your needs best, I can find new emerging artist and advise you how to work with them. Also wanna know what's going on right now? I know because of the internet addiction, you know...



Born in Vicenza, Italy, Davide Bedoni studied Media Design in Milan New Art Academy. There he developed a strong passion for cinema studies and an early interest on documentary series. His first documentary, produced in Japan and released in 2008, gave him national visibility winning the Palazzo Venezia Documentary award, sponsored by Rai, Italian National television . He then immediately started a career in the documentary industries, which allowed him to travel all over the world. While he was living in New York he started looking at a new web phenomenon which had just started at that time: fashion films. He got back to Italy in 2010 and started working with many italian fashion brands, creating brand stories, backstage videos, campaign films , web series and artistic projects. In 2011 he won a special prize at the Asvoff festival, held at Centre Pompidou in Paris, the first and most important fashion film festival in the world. He kept working and developing his interest in different forms of communication, working as art director , creating concept for advertising campaign for several italian fashion brands. Since 2013 he is focusing on his career as director, for art, fashion and design brands.


I want to incorporate the aesthetic of the fashion communication with the cinema language, developing narratives stories with a strong visual impact, taking inspiration both from the art world, the cinéma d'auteurs and the surrealism of the digital era.